30 Nov 2009

Fritch calls for smaller government in French Polynesia

1:38 pm on 30 November 2009

French Polynesia's new vice-president, Edouard Fritch, has spoken out for a smaller government and for the assembly to be reduced in size.

Speaking on local television, Mr Fritch says France should be asked to cut the 57-strong assembly to 47 seats.

This comes amid the new administration's difficulties in curbing spending and finalising the 2010 budget.

The assembly size was increased from 49 seats in 2004 when the territory was given a new statute and a new electoral system at the behest of the Tahoeraa Huiraatira Party, to which Mr Fritch belongs.

He says talks are needed with Paris to also change the electoral system.

In a bid to increase political stability it was changed twice in 2007 although no election was held after the first change.