23 Nov 2009

Voters in the Northern Marianas will go to polls again today to choose new Governor

11:17 am on 23 November 2009

More than sixteen thousand registered voters in the Northern Marianas will today vote again for a new Governor.

In the first round of votes two weeks ago, neither of the two candidates secured a majority forcing today's run off election

The leading candidates after the first round are Heinz Hofschneider of the Republican Party and the incumbent, Benigno Fitial of the Covenant Party.

In the last round Mr Hofschneider had an eight vote win over Mr Fitial.

Our correspondent, Mark Rabago, says both candidates are hoping for a bigger margin this time around.

"If the winning candidates only gets less than five then they have to count the absentee votes and wait for December 7 to have them all come in so if it's not a overwhelming win for any of the candidates we have to wait for the absentee votes."