12 Nov 2009

Chopper to be hired again to get 4 Agrihan votes for CNMI run-off poll

2:06 pm on 12 November 2009

The Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Election Commission is to again hire a helicopter for 11,000 US dollars just to get the votes of four Agrihan residents for the coming November the 23rd run-off election for governor.

The Commission's executive director Robert Guerrero says this will be the third time for the poll staff to visit the island by helicopter, bringing the total cost of hiring the aircraft for this year's election to 33,000 dollars .

Mr Guerrero says they're hiring the helicopter because the four residents cannot be deprived of their right to vote.

The Commission first used the chopper two months ago when they sent their staff to the island to register the four residents.

Then in Saturday's first round election, one poll staff accompanied by a police officer flew to Agrihan to get the ballots of the four voters.

Mr Guerrero says after this gubernatorial election, the Commission wants to revisit the election laws in order to save the public money and resources.