11 Nov 2009

Lawyer for Samoa MP says his case will be long

10:46 am on 11 November 2009

The US-based lawyer acting for Samoa's Associate Minister of Tourism and Trade says his client's case is an example of glaring errors by government agencies.

Hans Joachim Keil was detained in the US for allegedly being an unlawful US citizen carrying a US passport, but after two months he was released without an explanation.

He has lodged a ten million US dollar lawsuit for wrongful arrest.

Michael Crawford of Sharma Crawford Attorneys at Law says Mr Keil's case is likely to be a long one.

"Much of the aspect of Mr Keil's case was outside the statutory and regulatory authority of the Immigration Service and arguably the Department of State. And so we feel that there is a grounds for an action against the government of the United States for the way Mr Keil was treated."

Michael Crawford the US based lawyer of Hans Joachim Keil