10 Nov 2009

PNG landowners seek answers on 11 million US dollar payouts

12:10 pm on 10 November 2009

In Papua New Guinea, the Kutubu landowners of the Southern Highlands Province want Treasury Department to say why payments totalling over 11 million US dollars were made to individuals.

The paper, the Post Courier says the money was from the Petroleum Outstanding Memorandum of Agreement Commitments Trust Account.

Petroleum development licence 2 landowners led by former governor, Hami Yawari, says that the licenced based development forum scheduled for Wednesday would not go ahead if there was no proper explanation.

According to bank statements distributed by Mr Yawari during a press conference, the queried payments were made to Redskins Management and Consultants, Kutubu Local Level Government Special Purpose Authority, Hekari Holdings Limited, Yiamo Gira Investments and Namo Aporo.

He was accompanied by landowners from the project areas who also voiced their united stand and supported Mr Yawari.

Mr Yawari says these payments should not be made to individual companies as the State still had outstanding commitments to fund in the oil and gas project areas.