4 Nov 2009

American Samoans apply for Guam jobs

2:18 pm on 4 November 2009

The first batch of American Samoan applications for jobs in the military build up in Guam has been sent to Professional Personnel International in Houston.

A former American Samoan ongressional candidate, Aumua Amata Coleman, who initiated the recruitment effort with PPI, says there are about 1,000 applications.

She says PPI headquarters will have an initial review and pass the applications to its office in Guam for a preliminary selection.

Aumua says this will be the first step in a long process which will include extensive background checks and drug testing before any job interviews.

She expects that the hiring will begin in the first quarter of next year, with the work, mostly in construction, due to get underway by the middle of the year.

While the majority of those who applied were cannery employees, many college students and high school leavers, as well as people already working, have also submitted applications.

She says a quarter of the applicants are women.