4 Nov 2009

Cook Islands could be governed by 13 MPs says political reform supporter

9:03 am on 4 November 2009

While a petition is circulating in the Cook Islands calling for a cut in the number of MPs from 24 to 19, others are saying the country could easily be governed by as few as 13.

Teina MacKenzie launched a petition saying a cut in the size of Parliament would cut costs, make MPs more responsive and grow the economy.

She is seeking up to four thousand signatures though so far has less than 100.

Terri Carr is another who has campaigned for political reform over the years with the Group for Political Change.

She supports the intent of the MacKenzie petition but says it could go further and have just 13 MPs.

"Whatever mix that takes, whether it is national MPs, as has been suggested by the political reform commission in 1998, and with the mix of constituency MPs, so yeah a lot less [MPs] I think, because we just can't afford to carry on with the way our system is [it's] very expensive."

Terri Carr.