30 Oct 2009

FEMA approves US$7m in assistance in American Samoa

2:45 pm on 30 October 2009

The US Federal Emergency Management Agency has approved nearly seven million US dollars in individual assistance in American Samoa following last month's tsunami.

Several shops are reporting increased sales since the first FEMA cheques came out a week ago.

FEMA says more than 7,500 applicants have registered for individual assistance at the Disaster Recovery Center.

One woman, Merita Sevaaetasi Manuleleua of Pago Pago, says she is among those to lose their homes in the disaster and is yet to get a FEMA visit.

"This is our 17th day and we haven't got the FEMA visit yet; they haven't come and inspected are area yet where I'm at."

She says her children are living with relatives.