29 Oct 2009

Former Fiji human rights commissioner commends US report on religious freedom

4:30 pm on 29 October 2009

A former Fiji human rights commissioner commends a US State Department report stating that religious freedom in the country has suffered in the past year.

The International Religious Freedom Report points to the nation-wide Christian crusade by Police Commissioner, Esala Teleni and the New Methodist Church.

It made it compulsory for police staff and their families to attend the church's meetings, regardless of their faith.

Shamima Ali says the report is justified.

"We ourselves have been quite concerned about developments, particularily within the police force, but also the public broadcasts by the new religious denomination about other races and so on."

Shamima Ali says there seems to have been a change in policy, with reports that the commissioner has put an end to the crusades following a public outcry.