29 Oct 2009

Tongan Government marine engineer under spotlight again in ferry inquiry

11:46 am on 29 October 2009

The Tongan Government marine engineer who took photos of massive holes on the Princess Ashika will be put under the spotlight again today on the third day of the inquiry into its sinking.

Mosese Fakatou inspected the ferry to establish its seaworthiness for an insurance company before the ferry sailed on its final trip.

Mr Fakatou yesterday told the inquiry he relayed his concerns about the unseaworthiness of the ferry to marine authorities the day it set sail, but no one listened.

A Radio Tonga journalist Ronda Moala, who is attending the inquiry, says Mr Fakatou will be quizzed today on his ties with the company that owned the Princess Ashika.

"He use to be a member of the board of the shipping company before he resigned and there is a conflict of interest because he was on the board before and it did not work well and then he resigned and he started out with this job ."

Radio Tonga's Ronda Moala