28 Oct 2009

Cooks reform petition eyes aid use review

5:27 pm on 28 October 2009

A New Zealand MP's views on how aid could be better spent are being taken up by political reformers in the Cook Islands.

In the Cooks a petition calling for a smaller, more responsive parliament has been launched and is seeking the signatures of about a third of the population.

Organiser Teina Mackenzie says she was motivated by a workshop with the Government's Economic Development Taskforce where it was claimed the current political system was holding the country back.

She says her group supports the view of New Zealand Government MP John Hayes that a harmonising of aid delivery by Wellington would improve the quality of critical services, such as health and education that are provided to the island countries.

"That is one of the initiatives that is in the Economic Development Taskforce's briefing, it is harmonising social services with [the] New Zealand system."

Teina Mackenzie