27 Oct 2009

PNG NGO welcomes public education initiative

6:08 pm on 27 October 2009

A Papua New Guinea NGO group is welcoming the government's decision to roll out universal basic education but says the plan is not comprehensive enough.

The Government intends spending hundreds of millions of dollars to ensure all children can get nine years of education.

The chair of the Melanesian Centre for NGO Leadership, Maole Vagi, says they also need a plan to cater for these students at the end of their schooling.

He says presently there are many drop outs without the skills to provide for themselves.

"They are not trained with skills to go into running a small business or farm or other things that will sustain them. At the same time the formal system does not have jobs or create enough jobs for everyone, so at the moment there is a substantial number of drop outs from primary education as well as the secondary education."

Maole Vagi says the Government should also focus on skills training and economic development.