22 Oct 2009

American Samoan cannery rescue bill fails

6:30 pm on 22 October 2009

A committee considering a bill which would allow the Government of American Samoa to buy the assets of Samoa Packing Cannery has failed to support it due to a lack of information.

The cannery shut down last month.

Our American Samoa correspondent Monica Miller says no vote resulted as the House Budget Committee, which was looking at the bill, decided to put it aside.

"When talking to the lawmakers, they say that there's not enough information to go by. They have asked for a detailed business plan from the government and they say that what was provided to them was sort of hurriedly put together and did not satisfy all of the questions they had regarding the purchase."

Monica Miller says the Governor has not mentioned if there are other takers for the tuna plant and no indications have been made on the future of the bill.