15 Oct 2009

Fiji police confirm officers required to pay for new uniform

4:24 pm on 15 October 2009

A spokesperson for the Fiji Police, Ema Mua, says every officer is now required to pay for a new sports uniform.

The comment comes amid reports that the Police Commissioner, Esala Teleni, has ordered a deduction from officers' pay packets to cover the costs of new attire for sporting activities and church.

Ms Mua says every officer is having their pay deducted by 10 dollars a week to cover the less than one hundred and 50 dollar cost of a new sports uniform but there is no requirement for church clothing.

She also says the instruction to deduct the cost from pay packets has come from the chief administrator and not from Commissioner Teleni.

Ms Mua says the new uniform comprises shoes, socks, track pants, t-shirt, leggings and a jacket and is a very good deal for the price being paid.

She would not comment on who was supplying the garments, nor on the total cost of the order.