25 Sep 2009

Tonga police chief says drug bust highlights need for better border control

3:48 am on 25 September 2009

The head of Tonga's police force says the country's biggest seizure of suspected illicit substances shows border controls must be tightened.

Commander Chris Kelley says police raided two homes in Nuku'alofa earlier this week and found what they believe to be a quantity of methamphetamine of such magnitude that it must have been destined for overseas.

He says he hopes laboratory experts will be able to confirm exactly what the drugs are by this evening.

The commander says he's determined to stop drug traffickers getting a foothold in Tonga.

"But of course these people have very often large sums of money and access to a lot for resources so it's really up to us to tighten a range of procedures including border controls and all sorts of things. It's something that the agencies have to just continue to improve on, continue to work on, get better at, make it tighter, make it harder, make it more unattractive, that's really what we need to do."

Commander Chris Kelley of the Tonga police.