14 Sep 2009

FEMA lifts freeze on funds for American Samoa

10:21 am on 14 September 2009

The Federal Emergency Management Agency or FEMA has lifted the freeze on five grants and mitigation programmes for American Samoa's Department of Homeland Security

The five grants totals more than US$1 million.

FEMA, a bureau of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, released the funds after the Territorial government repaid it un approved costs of over US$8,000 to FEMA.

However, FEMA has told Governor Togiola Tulafono that it is continuing to restrict cash drawdowns on certain grants.

But it says it after six months it will reevaluate to determine if additional programmes can have the freeze lifted.

The Federal grantor froze all funding for American Samoa last year after an audit identified a number of deficiencies.