10 Sep 2009

Bus strike in Samoa leaves hundreds stranded

9:30 am on 10 September 2009

The bus strike action in Samoa has left hundreds of people stranded.

Bus owners in Samoa are meeting later today to discuss the next stage of their action.

The owners want the government to pay the financial cost of changing the door and steering wheel, a call the government has refused.

Sara Vui-Talitu reports from Apia.

"Traffic in Samoa is very heavy this morning as businesses reopen after the two day holiday for the road switch. Many traffic officers are out directing queues of vehicles as new traffic rules and road signals is clearly confusing for some drivers. Meanwhile, the bus strike has left hundreds of commuters stranded especially in rural areas, and taxis are being kept very busy. Most buses are striking as they want the government to help them pay the cost of at least changing the door to the left hand side."