3 Sep 2009

Scheme to encourage Niuean business people in New Zealand to help the island

1:34 pm on 3 September 2009

New Zealand's Ministry of Pacific Island Affairs is encouraging Niuean business operators in this country to return to the island and help build up its economy.

The Ministry has teamed up with the Pacific Islands Trade and Investment Commission which is calling on entrepreneurs to join its "Return to Roots" mission.

Under this scheme Niueans in New Zealand will be flown to Niue in November to offer business advice and possible investment to their island counterparts.

The Ministry's chief executive, Dr Colin Tukuitonga, says it's supporting the mission because it wants to see the island grow.

"(We'll) try and get Niueans who live here to take an interest and to participate more in activities that go on in the Island. You'll be aware of the rather rapid decline of the population on the island and we don't believe that development is possible without active intervention or participation from New Zealand (or) from Niueans who live overseas, primarily in New Zealand."

Dr Colin Tukuitonga.