2 Sep 2009

Nauruans promised improved phone and internet services

11:24 am on 2 September 2009

Nauruans are being assured wider and better phone coverage and internet access as the telecommunications operator Digicel makes its GSM mobile services available to the whole of Nauru.

The President of Nauru Marcus Stephen made the first call at the launch of the network yesterday, as well as declaring September the 1st 2009 a national holiday in the country.

The General Manager for Digicel Nauru, Paul Stafford, says it is confident 99 percent of the population can access improved phone and internet services.

"We would imagine that it will bring people closer together. It will promote social activity and help families keep in touch when they most need it. And indeed when they simply want to make every day arrangements and things that most of the rest of the world take for granted."

Paul Stafford says the new services will also help businesses in Nauru connect with suppliers and customers abroad.