1 Sep 2009

Concerns over transparency of funding for families of Tonga ferry victims

8:30 pm on 1 September 2009

Some Tongans are raising concerns over the accountability of funds being raised for the families of the Princess Ashika ferry victims and survivors in Tonga.

A number of funds have been set up in Tonga, Australia, New Zealand and the United States to raise money for those directly affected by the tragedy.

The chairperson of the Lo'au Research Society Canberra Branch, Siosiua Lafitani-Tofua'ipangai says many of their members are concerned about poor transparency when it comes to the distribution of publicly raised funding.

"We'd like to make sure the whole amounts distributed to these families as we have a problem with corruption in Tonga...its a big problem."

The society is a Tongan cultural group dedicated to the social, spiritual and cultural advancement of young Tongans.