17 Aug 2009

Fiji's Methodist Church seeks another meeting with government

10:22 am on 17 August 2009

Fiji's Methodist Church is seeking another meeting with government in an effort to obtain a permit to hold an open air fundraising event in the capital Suva despite being prohibited from holding public meetings.

Church general secretary, Tevita Nawadra, said some circuits, including Suva, were hoping to have open air functions and wanted to use Furnival Park to hold their choir competitions and bazaar as part of their fundraising.

Government spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Neumi Leweni yesterday reminded the church in a statement that all its functions had to be held indoors to avoid large crowd gatherings.

Fiji Live reports Mr Nawadra as saying Suva district has a very large roll making it difficult to hold meetings indoors.

The restrictions on the church follow the cancellation of its annual conference this year deemed by government as political.

The church has since been allowed to hold its annual choir competition and fundraising indoors and at district level.