12 Aug 2009

Solomons government denies Fijians were part of Forum delegation

1:02 pm on 12 August 2009

The Solomon Islands Government is denying reports that two Fiji officials sneaked into last week's Pacific Islands Forum summit in Australia by using Solomon Islands passports.

AAP reported that during the meeting, the two representatives told Papua New Guinea's Post Courier newspaper they attended the event in Cairns to observe, despite Fiji's suspension from the Forum and travel bans on the regime's key members.

The duo from Fiji told the paper they travelled into Australia using Solomon Islands passports.

The Secretary to the Prime Minister, Jeremiah Manele, says the government has no knowledge of the incident and believes it has been fabricated.

"Nobody from Fiji was part of the Solomon Islands Government delegation. Our delegation list sent to the Forum contains no Fijians or any person of dual citizenship or part Fijian, part Solomon Islands."

Jeremiah Manele says the government is now investigating the matter to get to the bottom of it.