11 Aug 2009

PNG governors explore new government system

12:55 pm on 11 August 2009

Papua New Guinea's 20 provincial governors are this week to consider an alternative system of government for the country.

They are meeting in the second largest city, Lae, on Thursday ahead of the national summit with government politicians from Friday.

Our correspondent, Oseah Philemon, says the governors want a system that better delivers services to the people, but no details will be available until after the meeting.

This comes after threats in recent years that the governors' seats should be done away with.

"There was a proposal some time back for these seats to be abolished in the next election but it looks like they are all saying that there is a need to retain the regional seats because the regional seat actually holds the province together. The open seats are only for particular parts of a province and the whole province need to be held together by a provincial eat, which is held by the governor."

Our correspondent, Oseah Philemon