10 Aug 2009

Tokelau's Ulu says climate change issue for all not just large countries

10:52 am on 10 August 2009

The Ulu of Tokelau says dealing with the issue of climate change is a problem for everyone in the Pacific, not just the large countries.

The small island states had called for a reduction in carbon emissions by 45 percent by 2020, but the forum leaders' call to action on climate change fell much short of that mark.

Foua Taloa says every country, including his, has a moral responsibility to make an effort to work towards the targets the leaders did set.

"The leaders I believe they did the best they could. They took into consideration the big, the small, the medium, everyone's ideas, everyone's concerns, and I believe they conveyed that so everyone can begin thinking seriously about it."

Foua Taloa says Tokelau is committed to its renewable energy project, as one of the region's smallest and most vulnerable island nations.