4 Aug 2009

Australia-based group calls for Forum to increase sanctions on Fiji

10:17 pm on 4 August 2009

A group of protesters is calling for the Pacific Islands forum to keep Fiji high on the main agenda of tomorrow's meeting.

A small handful of people are camped outside the convention centre where the Pacific Islands Forum is being held in Cairns.

The Australia-based Fiji Democracy and Freedom Movement's Usaia Waqatairewa says they have a ten-point submission to give to the leaders.

"We want to cut off the lifeblood that continues to exist in Fiji, like returning all the soldiers that are serving for the United Nations in Sinai. We're asking that the Pacific Islands Forum countries accept all the travel ban that's been given by the Australia, New Zealand and the United States so that they wouldn't even be able to go to Vanuatu for that MSG meeting last week."

Usaia Waqatairewa says he believes the people of Fiji are prepared to experience some short-term hardship in the form of sanctions for long-term benefit.