30 Jul 2009

American Samoa Government fails to pay utility bill to ASPA

11:22 am on 30 July 2009

The American Samoa Government's failure to pay its utility bill is preventing the American Samoa Power Authority, ASPA from passing on the savings its making on fuel costs to customers.

The Power Authority's CEO, Michael Keyser, says it was ASPA's intention to return some of the benefits from importing fuel directly from the oil supplier in Singapore to customers in the form of credits to utility bills.

He says ASPA could start doing this now except any chance of issuing a dividend like payment to customers has been entirely eroded by ASG's arrears.

Mr Keyser says until the government can get itself current and prove to the Power Authority it can stay that way, the public will continue to subsidize the government.

He added that the government made a single payment of 350,000 US dollars last month and as of yesterday, its unpaid utility bill was 3.3 million dollars.

This represents about 8.5 months of unpaid bills.