15 Jul 2009

Marshallese nuclear test victims frustrated over halt to compensation

9:23 pm on 15 July 2009

Some nuclear test victims in the Marshall Islands have been expressing frustration following a move to cease all compensation payments and revelations that funding for a health programme for the victims is declining.

Dwindling funds has prompted the Nuclear Claims Tribunal to spell the end of compensation for nuclear test victims since it began paying claims in 1991 despite owing more than two billion US dollars in compensation.

Our correspondent Giff Johnson says he has spoken with some Marshallese people who feel frustrated and unfairly treated by United States government over their lack of funding.

"There are other problems related to this. Not only is the Tribunal out of money but a health programme for people here from the so called four atolls that were exposed to radiation, money for that has gone way down."

Giff Johnson says the US has so far not responded despite requests for more funding by citizens of the Marshall Islands.