8 Jul 2009

French bill modifying New Caledonia organic law must respect Noumea Accord

8:10 pm on 8 July 2009

A member of the New Caledonian pro-independence FLNKS movement says the bill modifying the organic law for New Caledonia that has just been passed by the French Senate has to respect the1998 Noumea Accord word for word.

Damien Yeiwene, who is also a member of the New Caledonian Congress, says the bill can be modified or adapted, as long as its key content is not affected.

He says several FLNKS members are now in Paris to ask the members of the French Parliament not to break the balance established by the Noumea Accord.

He says the fact that extra time has been given to the New Caledonian Congress to pass a law on the transfer of four institutional competencies now held by Paris may delay the enforcement.

However, Mr Yeiwene says it will be done as planned before the referendum on self-determination.

"It may delay the enforcement, but it will be done, it is compulsory. In 2014 we have to be asked about the core powers of the State. Until then there is still time, there is work to do, but I remain optimistic."

Damien Yeiwene