6 Jul 2009

Pacific Small Island Developing States lobby at UN over climate change

6:11 am on 6 July 2009

The members of the Pacific Small Island Developing States or PSIDs are currently discussing in New York what action they would like the UN Security Council to take on climate change.

A recent UN resolution recognises climate change as a possible threat to security.

The measure may help put climate change on the agenda of the more powerful U.N. Security Council, which deals with threats to international peace and security.

An NGO which has provided technical assistance to the small island states, is Islands First.

It's CEO , Mark Jariabka, says a debate at the Security Council in 2007 on climate change and security didn't not change a lot.

"The Pacific Islands would like to advance the debate this next time around and begin to articulate clear roles and responsibilities for the security council as well as other UN organs and right now they are in the process of formulating exactly what they would like to see happen."