30 Jun 2009

Mobile telecommunications availability in Nauru will speed emergency services reponse

9:11 am on 30 June 2009

The Minister of Telecommunications in Nauru says once mobile phone services are introduced into the country, emergency services will be able to respond faster to call outs.

The government has granted the telecommunications operator Digicel a GSM license which will make it the first business to provide Nauru with mobile telecommunications services.

The minister, Sprent Dabwido says the availability of mobile phones will mean people will no longer have to physically travel to get in touch with others and emergency services will speed up.

"We have people who are complaining it's so hard to get emergency service on the island. In most cases when emergency service arrives it's a bit late and things like that. So with this communication service I'm really excited about it. It will improve emergency service in Nauru."

Sprent Dabwido says the new mobile service will also boost businesses and improve international communication.

The 1.6 million US dollar venture is a 15 year partnership between Digicel and Nauru and will be launched in August.