26 Jun 2009

New Caledonia petition denounces USTKE antics

3:12 pm on 26 June 2009

15,000 people in New Caledonia have signed a petition denouncing the methods used by the mainly Kanak USTKE union.

Last month, USTKE members caused massive disruptions during a strike and they were involved in clashes as they tried to impede air traffic at Noumea's domestic airport.

The petition was launched on June the 16th when nearly 30 unionists were made to stand trial.

The signatures have been submitted to the New Caledonian authorities.

Members of the anti-USTKE movement, which has staged several street demonstrations, say all they ask is for public order to be maintained.

They have called for a new demonstration on June the 29th, should the court fail to give sentences that it considers too lenient to the USTKE members found guilty for their actions.