26 Jun 2009

Fiji Wages Council welcomes pay hike announcement

12:51 pm on 26 June 2009

Fiji Wages Council chairman Father Kevin Barr says they're relieved and applaud the Minister of Labour and the Prime Minister for keeping their word despite the current recession.

This comes after the Fiji Government has given the green light for a rise in minimum wages by 20 percent across nine industries.

The increase is based on a new wage order that was to have come into effect in February, but was deferred to July the 1st.

Father Kevin Barr says the increase was well due.

"All the people we cover in the Wages Council are earning wages below the poverty line. Some of them haven't had their wages adjusted for three, four years so they're really in dire straits and I don't think they should be held back because of that and we wrote to the Governor of the Reserve Bank expressing our dissatisfaction with any desire that people in these very very low brackets should have their wages deferred again."

Fiji Wages Council's Father Kevin Barr says the rise comes at a time when inflationary pressures look set to rise while the domestic economy slows.