18 Jun 2009

French Polynesia employers shun debates after Temaru remarks

7:07 pm on 18 June 2009

French Polynesia's employers organisation has decided to boycott the unprecedented French-sponsored talks about the future of France's overseas territories because of remarks by president, Oscar Temaru.

At the launch of the debates, he called for a process that will lead to full sovereignty.

The employers' body has held an urgent meeting and decided to stay away from the discussions because they say they are guided by a political ideology.

It says it regrets that the independence debate has resurfaced, adding that it can have a disastrous psychological impact on investors.

The group says it is still waiting for the government to end its opposition to change in the face of economic problems.

The anti-independence partner in the coalition government has also issued a statement and says in the current situation, the French presence is the safest element for a sustainable economic development .