18 Jun 2009

Cooks Islands Prime Minister wants laptop per child programme begun straight away

1:39 pm on 18 June 2009

The office of the Cook Islands Prime Minister says it wants to see a children's computer programme that's been stalled for a year begin as soon as possible.

The programme is part of a 2.5 million US dollar 'one laptop per child' project being rolled out across the region by the Secretariat of the Pacific Community.

The state of the art computers are water resistant and have screens that are designed to be read outdoors.

The Prime Minister's executive advisor, Trevor Pitt, says he has no idea why the Cook Islands' laptops have not been able to be installed yet in the outer islands school, Mitiaro, for which they were destined.

"The whole thrust of this project is top put the learning tool in the hands of children so that they grow up with the idea of being used to the technology, I mean we're looking at an environment where laptops are, I mean, they've already become part and parcel of our everyday life and the more encouragement you can give to young people by allowing them to grow up in this environment, all the better."

Trevor Pitt, of the Cook Islands' Office of the Prime Minister.