9 Jun 2009

Fiji's PCRC praises High Court ruling in Britain

11:21 am on 9 June 2009

A Fiji-based organisation, The Pacific Concerns Resource Centre, is praising last week's British High Court ruling allowing former nuclear servicemen to sue that country's government.

Ex-servicemen, including 289 from Fiji, who took part in atomic tests off Australia and Christmas Island in the 1950s are now able to sue the British government for compensation for ill-health.

The organisation's director, Tupou Vere, says the ruling is important for those about 200 veterans or their widows who will claim compensation.

"We are quite happy with the ruling. For us this has been a long hard search for justice for those that participated at Christmas Island."

Tupou Vere says many of the ex-servicemen suffer from illnesses, including cancer, and she hopes the British government will settle the matter quickly before more of those involved die.