1 Jun 2009

Fiji's Methodist Church asks regime to reconsider cancellation of conference

2:00 pm on 1 June 2009

Fiji's Methodist church members are voicing their frustration and disappointment to church leaders after the military led Government decided to cancel their annual conference in August.

The interim Government states that in the past few months key church members have tried to bring instability to the country.

The church's deputy general secretary Tevita Banivanua says they are hoping for urgent talks with the Prime Minister to have him reconsider the move.

"Unfortunately they have gone ahead to cancel the meeting. Our position now is that we will await his coming, he was overseas when this was announced, and we'll make another approach for another talk. We are hoping that he'll do that cos otherwise the repercussions will be difficult for us and for them as well. The people are not happy with the decision and we're hoping that he'll open his doors and let us talk."

Tevita Banivanua says intense preparations have already been put in place for this year's meeting, which co-incides with the church's annual choir festival.