12 May 2009

Samoa Health Ministry cancels travel to Tokelau

10:55 am on 12 May 2009

The Samoa Health Ministry has cancelled travel to Tokelau until further notice as a precaution for swine flu.

The move is to eliminate any chances of the flu getting to Tokelau.

Operations Manager for the Tokelau Office in Apia Makalio Ioane confirmed to the Newsline newspaper that the Health Ministry has suspended travel to Tokelau.

He says the ferry trip has been postponed.

He said the ferry will still travel to Tokelau but none of the crew will be allowed to get off the boat.

The cargo will be off loaded and the boat will return without any contact with people on the island.

Although there are no confirmed case of swine flu in Samoa, there are still people coming in and out of the country that may have the symptoms.