11 May 2009

Leading NGO in Papua New Guinea says people are dying of hunger

7:26 pm on 11 May 2009

The National Council of Women in Papua New Guinea says people of all ages are dying from starvation, despite the government's comments that nobody is lacking food or water.

During a recent interview Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare stated that people in Papua New Guinea are not short of food or water.

The President of the National Council of Women Scholla Kakas disagrees, saying Catholic Bishops, who work closely with the community have spoken of how people are actually dying from starvation.

"This is spreading all over the country where there is urban drift from the rural villages into the urban areas into the towns of Papua New Guinea. And what is happening in Port Moresby is true; there are people dying of poverty."

Scholla Kakas says the government should send out officers to investigate people's living conditions and confirm for themselves that people really are starving to death.