16 Apr 2009

Despite deal, French Polynesian president keeps To Tatou Aia waiting

1:33 pm on 16 April 2009

The French Polynesian presidency says the formation of a new government won't happen today, quashing expectations that the To Tatou Aia coalition would be included in the ministerial line-up.

Last week, the To Tatou Aia opposition coalition of Gaston Tong Sang said it had struck a deal with President Oscar Temaru to form a new administration, with the To Tatou Aia candidate, Philip Schyle, being elected as the new assembly president.

That happened following the collapse of the political union between Mr Temaru's pro-independence party and the Tahoeraa Huiraatira of Gaston Flosse.

Mr Flosse said he was taking his side into opposition but to date the Tahoeraa ministers have yet to resign.

Mr Tong Sang's team is still awaiting to be included in the government.

Last year, France denounced Mr Flosse for cooperating with Mr Temaru but so far Paris has not commented on the move by Mr Tong Sang whose politics

have until last week focussed on opposing pro-independence politicians.