15 Apr 2009

Vodafone Fiji warns customers about rumours

2:07 pm on 15 April 2009

Vodafone Fiji is warning its customers to be cautious of rumours that the company's internet and mobile services are being affected by the current clampdown.

The interim regime has muzzled the media which has given rise to the public seeking information on blogsites.

But Vodafone is assuring customers it continues to operate as usual and says neither the interim government, the police nor any other party has placed restrictions on its services.

Its Manager of Corporate Affairs Shailendra Prasad says the company has been through harder times but at no stage have Fiji's political issues interfered with the running of its services.

"The people in Fiji are by now quite aware of times like these when rumours run rife. I think the customers need to be vigilant and wary of the many rumours that are propagated to many sources. Unless these are substantiated they should treat these outbursts as rumours only."

Shailendra Prasad says Vodafone operates as an independent corporate entity and is confident it will not be swayed by another party.