7 Apr 2009

Samoa's Chamber of Commerce keen to enter call centre business

10:39 am on 7 April 2009

The Chamber of Commerce in Samoa has urged the government to give members of the local industry the opportunity to discuss with New Zealand's largest call center experts of setting up call centers in the country in the near future instead of giving exclusive rights to an American Consortium.

The Chamber has learnt that representatives of an American company is requesting government assistance to set up call centre when the laying of the marine fibre optic cable is completed this month.

The organization of local companies and businesses in a statement says it applauds the intention and understands the significant costs involved in setting up these ventures.

However it says it hopes that an exclusive right is not on the agenda of discussions or being sought as part of any government assistance.

The Chamber of Commerce in Samoa says limiting provisions of services to one company will severely limit the industry's ability to grow, expand and develop niche services that may be of greater value.