3 Apr 2009

Escaped prisoner in Vanuatu dies after being recaptured

2:52 pm on 3 April 2009

A 21-year-old male escaped inmate from Vanuatu's jail has died at the Vila Central Hospital shortly after being captured at his home by law enforcement officers.

John Bule was serving a seven year sentence for rape.

The hospital's Acting Medical Services Manager, Dr Richard Leona, said Bule was brought in suffering multiple injuries.

However Dr Leona said the cause of the death could not be determined.

He told the Vanuatu Daily Post that he has recommended to Correctional Services that a post mortem be carried out and that forensic pathologists are brought into the country to carry out the examination.

Grieving parents and relatives have called on the Police Commissioner to suspend the officers involved accusing them of severely beating Mr Bule.

Director Generals in various government ministries have released a cautious statement to express the government's condolences and have vowed to set up a Commission of inquiry into the death