2 Apr 2009

Marshalls government faces another no confidence motion

7:29 pm on 2 April 2009

The Marshall Islands government is facing its second vote of no confidence in six months.

The move follows the sacking by President Litokwa Tomeing of outspoken foreign minister Tony deBrum in late February.

Mr DeBrum is one of seven senators bringing the motion after this week's decision by the President to name Senator John Silk of the opposition United Democratic Party as his new foreign minister.

But Mr deBrum says he believes his government party backbenchers can unseat the 15-month old government which he was part of from January 2008 to late February.

Once parliament is reconvened, a five-to-10-day period will apply for the vote to be held.

However, when the speaker cancelled parliament last week, he gave no indication when the assembly will meet next.