30 Mar 2009

Samoa's businesss community wants transparent approach to s economic stimulus

11:39 am on 30 March 2009

The President of Samoa's Chamber of Commerce, Sina Retzlaff-Lima, says it wants the government to take a transparent approach to its economic stimulus package.

The government's economic summit over the weekend allowed consultation with the whole private sector, including the Council of Churches, the umbrella NGO organisation, the Chamber of Commerce, manufacturers, exporters and the tourism, farming and fishing industries.

Sina Retzlaff-Lima says a friendlier environment for businesses is high on their list and addressing hardship issues is also important.

But she says her sector is also very realistic about what the government is able to do in this environment.

"We are aware that this is a small economy and we just can't be a private sector asking for an enabling environment for the private sector, we will also be asking for a stimulus approach that ensures that the distribution of wealth is looked at very carefully."