28 Mar 2009

TV3 Station in Samoa was searched by police

10:08 am on 28 March 2009

The newsroom of TV3 Station in Samoa was searched by police officers last week following concerns the station may have violated a court order.

The Talamua online news service reports police presented TV3 with a search warrant for a news item aired by the TV station which mentioned by name an accused who was under name suppression by the court.

Atanoa Herbert Crichton, the General Manager of TV3 said that the officers went through their main news computer.

According to Atanoa, the police viewed the news items about the court were all viewed by the officers who wanted to see if TV3 reporters had indeed violated the court order.

Atanoa told Talamua that he cooperated with the Police as he was certain that his team had not violated the order.