23 Mar 2009

American Samoa to discuss tsunami preparedness

5:59 am on 23 March 2009

American Samoa's Governor will meet tomorrow with department leaders to discuss last week's tsunami warning as well as for an update on the local preparedness plan.

The tsunami warning followed a quake near Tonga and sent a wave of panic across the territory, canceling public schools, closing down some businesses and confusing many students who were let out as school was set to begin.

It also sparked major concerns over emergency communications and preparedness in the territory.

Governor Togiola Tulafono says based on information from the local Department of Homeland Security, there was no need to have closed down government operations, which would have alarmed the community.

He says the administration understands the information received locally may not have been the most current information available.

He says he will address the situation with department leaders, who are part of the local emergency plan.