20 Mar 2009

Vanuatu Police investigate claims of assault involving Deputy Police Commissioner

2:57 pm on 20 March 2009

The police in Vanuatu have confirmed investigations are under way into an assault complaint against the Deputy Police Commissioner and his wife.

The Police South Commander, John Taleo, says he understands a woman who works for the Vanuatu National Council for Women is claiming she was assaulted by the Deputy Police Commissioner Arthur Caulton and his wife.

Mr Taleo says while he does not know the full details, the police are looking into the case.

"The investigation is being investigated by the internal police investigation department which is constituted by the Vanuatu Police Force, and they will carry out the investigation. The investigation will determine what, how and what has been done."

John Taleo says he cannot reveal whether or not any charges have been laid.

More information is to be released next week.