18 Mar 2009

Hopes for 3,000 new jobs in Hawaii

3:00 pm on 18 March 2009

Hawaii State officials are hoping that a big new portion of the federal stimulus package will generate more than 3,000 jobs in local construction for transportation projects.

Governor Linda Lingle announced yesterday that the state was applying for 248.2 million US dollars in federal stimulus money.

The state and county highway departments would get 127.9 million dollars for road repairs and maintenance.

An additional 76.5 million will go for Honolulu and Kahului airports.

Most of that money is for new explosives detection machines used to screen luggage before it is put on departing planes.

The money is part of a national 700 million airport program by the Transportation Security Administration.

The final 43.8 million will go for county bus system improvements, according to the state.