17 Mar 2009

Samoa pharmacy stopped sending medication deemed unsafe to NZ

4:18 pm on 17 March 2009

Maria's Pharmacy in Samoa says they stopped sending over medicines deemed unsafe by New Zealand's Ministry of Health last year.

In the most recent statement, the director general of health, Stephen McKernan, says three of the medicines are labelled as orginating from Multipharm in Apia, while the fourth product appears to be from Tonga.

A statement issued last year talked of medicines coming from Maria's Pharmacy in Samoa.

Maria Hunter says many people seem to think the most recent warning is about her business - but she says it's not.

"Its not Maria's Pharmacy, it's Multipharm. Multipharm is another pharmacy owned by a different person so I'm not the owner of Multipharm - Multipharm is a different company altogether. People have been coming in and asking me what is the problem?"

The warning issued in New Zealand is over the safety and efficacy of the products - Multipharm Fluid Magnesia, Vai Lafa for ringworm, Vai Tane for fungal infections and Vaikahi Mixture for bloating and constipation - are not known.

Maria Hunter says they still sell products in Samoa, as some are very popular remedies for ailments