17 Mar 2009

Fiji pro-democracy campaigner says vandalism won't intimidate

2:24 pm on 17 March 2009

A Fiji pro-democracy campaigner whose cars and house were vandalised on the weekend says he won't be intimidated.

Attar Singh, who's the chair of the Fiji Movement for Democracy, says he had rocks thrown at his house and cars in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Mr Singh is one of several people, including a lawyer, a newspaper editor and a trade unionist, to have suffered from vandalism in Fiji recently.

He has openly criticised the interim regime over its failure to hold elections following the December 2006 coup.

He says his neighbours properties' and cars were unharmed, which shows the offenders singled him out.

"People are suffering, our economy is on the slide, our unemployment is on the rise, people are crying out for help on a daily basis. So we need to turn the country to parliamentary rule as soon as possible and obviously this is not liked by some. That's understandable but our work must continue, work to return the country to democracy."